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7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System this Summer

Summer is often a time for relaxation, holidays, opportunities spent outside and enjoying nature.

There’s no avoiding the possibility of catching colds and flu so here are 7 natural ways to boost your immune system.


1). Start your day with Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon oil is a natural anti-depressant so it’s a great choice to create a happy morning mood.

Research also shows that lemon essential oil actually helps to increase your white blood cell count [1] .

These are vital cells that help your body fight infection.


2). Get to bed on time

natural ways to boost your immune system

Did you know that sleep is one of the body’s greatest healing mechanisms?

Crucial repair processes are taking place between the hours of 10pm and 2am so if you get to bed at midnight you are not allowing your body enough time to regenerate and fight off infections.

Lavender oil is an excellent sleep aid – it’s soporific which means it induces sleep.

If you need some help getting a good night’s sleep you may like the Peace Room & Linen Mist or the Sweet Dreams Gift Set.

Staying up worrying is not going to help you so do what you can to unwind and relax before bed.   I strongly advise against taking this time as an opportunity to catch up on the latest news!

Maybe take a 15-20 minute soak to unwind.

Here’s a summer bath recipe for you to try:

Bedtime Bath Recipe

1 drop Lemon essential oil
2 drops Frankincense essential oil
2 drops Rose Geranium essential oil
3 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
10ml Jojoba oil

Blend all of the above oils together and then add to running bath water followed by…

250g / 2 mugfuls of Epsom Salts.

The magnesium relaxes both your muscles and your mind and is wonderful at reducing stress and encouraging a good night’s sleep

Soak for 15 minutes minimum – ideally 20 minutes.


3). Fresh lemon juice to start the day

self care

This is one of the kindest things you can do for your general health and wellbeing all year around and it’s so easy too!

Every morning squeeze the juice of half an organic lemon into a cup of warm water and drink.

This is a wonderful way to gently support your liver and help your body rid itself of toxins more easily.


4). Make staying hydrated fun!

natural ways to boost your immune system


Did you know that good hydration helps you absorb vitamins and minerals? 

Jazz up your glass of water by adding fresh fruits and herbs

Some good choices are fresh lemon, orange, mint and cucumber but there are no no’s here – experiment and find a combination that you love.


5).  Switch off

Off Button

There is a lot of bad news in circulation so I recommend limiting your time consuming news that will ultimately have a negative impact on your health.

Limit your time spent on social media and take control by turning off notifications that you don’t really need.

Fear in itself creates stress and this in turn weakens your immune system.


6).  Laugh out loud!

natural ways to boost your immune system
Laughter is a great healer.

When we laugh lots of positive stress releasing hormones are released.

Make some time to re-visit your favourite comedy film or comedian sketches or cartoons that you loved when you were growing up.  There is so much freely available on YouTube.

Take some time out whether it’s listening to your favourite podcast, reading a great book, or watch a comedy film.

Try to re-balance the doom and gloom and scare-mongering that is taking place and keep things in perspective.


7.)  Foot Massage

natural ways to boost your immune system

A five-minute foot massage brought about relaxation to critical care patients, helping to reduce their stress levels and measurably reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

This was discovered in a 1999 study undertaken by a team of researchers from the University of Hertfordshire and published in the Intensive and Critical Care Nursing journal. [2]

Lower stress levels = better immunity so why not ask your friend or loved one to give you a 5 minute foot massage?

Or book yourself in for an aromatherapy foot massage here and enjoy a full 30 minutes.

Immune boosting blends available on request.

I hope you have found this helpful and as always if you have any questions leave a comment below or message me.

I’d love to hear which of the seven tips is your favourite – let me know and comment below.




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