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7 Winter Skincare Do’s & Don’ts

Winter Face Care Do's & Don'ts

Winter Face Care

Here are 7 winter skincare do’s & dont’s to help you prepare, protect and in even repair your skin.  I don’t know about you but I’m a summer baby so roll on warmer weather!  Although I can’t deny how beautiful snowy scenes can be it can take it’s toll on your skin so take a look at these 7 winter skincare do’s & dont’s and transform your skin ready for the Spring.

DON’T leave your heating on high during the night. Central heating really dries out your skin so it’s best to have warm bed clothes, a heated blanket and leave the thermostat at 18 throughout the night. Alternatively, leave a bowl of water out in your room to evaporate & moisten the air.  or use a humidifier.


DO use a facial oil every night (one that doesn’t contain water!) A good facial oil contains a blend of nourishing oils with effective levels of active ingredients. Highly recommended to apply some over a moisturiser to tackle very dry skin fast.


DON’T use hot water when you wash your face no matter how cold you feel! This can cause smaller blood vessels to burst leading to thread veins. Warm water is sufficient.


NutsDO eat plenty of nuts and seeds to get a good dose of healthy fats and oils to nourish your cells from the inside. Grab some almonds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, sunflower seeds, walnuts.


DON’T drink too much tea & coffee, swap a cup for some green tea instead and help detoxify your skin.


DO exfoliate regularly, this will help slough away dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.


DON’T use a lip balm that contains paraffin wax, these can have a long term drying effect, opt for one with natural plant oils like these.

Here’s a few words from me about some of the moisturisers and facial oils I’ve formulated and why I specifically chose their ingredients...

It’s important that your moisturiser has effective levels of ingredients that will have a positive effect on your skin. At Just Be Natural I am passionate about cWinter Face Rescue Setreating products that are not only good for you but that are effective.

In the colder months your skin is working hard to maintain its moisture levels. It is battling with colder weather conditions as well as the drying effects of central heating.

One of my favourite organic ingredients is Macadamia Nut oil because it is highly effective at hydrating your skin. The reason for this is because it contains over 20% palmitoleic acid. Palmitoleic acid occurs naturally in our sebum, our skin’s natural oil, and this diminishes with age which can lead to dry and irritated skin.

This wonderful oil is a core ingredient of our facial oils, Rejuvenate & Calm and is also be found in Nourish. I am proud to say that our Macadamia Nut oil is derived from fairly traded organic nuts made into cold-pressed oil from a community project in Kenya.

I always strive to bring you ethically sourced high quality ingredients. Using premium ingredients allows me to create exceptional skincare.

A facial oil is an excellent way to give your skin a boost of concentrated plant oils. These contain essential fatty acids and vitamins that will truly nourish your skin. They are a perfect way to ensure that you are giving your skin the extra support it needs.

Take care & keep warm!


P.S. You may be interested in my Winter Face Rescue Set, click here for more details.  If you don’t fancy doing a facial yourself take a look at the ones I offer here.


  1. Michelle Buckley on 20 June 2018 at 12:34 pm

    Hello, I would like to ask a question please, I have just purchased your nour face cream and I have to say it smell beautiful and has moisturised my face very well , I find that natural creams are not alway very moisturising. Any way my question is reading your blog you say to put facial oil over moisturiser, I have been using them for a few years and always put them under a moisturiser , which I thought was right would you mind explaining why it is better to do so.

    Kind Regards,

    Michelle Buckley

    • Louisa on 6 July 2018 at 5:22 pm

      Hi Michelle, Firstly apologies for not replying sooner, I was on holiday when you posted and somehow have only discovered this comment in the back end of my website. I’m glad that you like the Nourish Face Cream. The reason that I recommend applying facial oils after moisturisers is because moisturisers are water based. If you put the oil before the moisturiser the moisturiser will not be able to penetrate the skin as well. Everyone’s skin is different so it’s worth trying both ways and seeing if you notice a difference yourself.

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