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Appreciate the end of summer

I hear so many people saying “how time flies” and “I can’t believe it’s the beginning of September already” so I thought right NOW is the perfect time to remind you of why it’s so important to be present and appreciate the end of summer.

It’s your time to dose up on your Vitamin D.

Spend a good 10 minutes without any sun protection.

Allow your body to naturally absorb some of nature’s sunshine.

Vitamin D is vital for many of the body’s processes that play a key part in maintaining good health and well-being like maintaining normal function of your immune system.

Get out of A day at the beachyour head and into your body.

Go for a walk barefoot in the grass or on a sandy beach.

Feel the cool grass between your toes.

Or scrunch your toes into the sand and explore how that makes you feel.

Write down all the things you love about summer

Spend 5 minutes to write down what comes to mind when you think about the summer.

What do you really love about it?

Stop and think  – is there still time for you to do some of those things on your list if you haven’t already?

I personally love foraging for blackberries.

Watch a sunrise or a sunset

There is something beautiful and peaceful about both of these moments.

I love watching sunset by the sea.

Visit your local outdoor events like a pop up cinema, fair or concert

There is so much more going on outdoors during the summer months.  Enjoy the time you have to be outside.

Louisa Alessandra Pini


Alongside my passion for creating beautiful products to nourish the body, mind and soul I spend a lot of time helping clients relax and be present.

I hope I have inspired you to appreciate the end of summer.

I invite you to share what you love most about summer and what activities you do to appreciate this season, go on… leave a comment below 🙂

Best wishes & take care of you YOU!


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