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Autumn Self Care -7 Strategies

Autumn Self Care Strategies

Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the temperature is gradually dropping.  Being a summer baby I sometimes struggle with the darker and colder months but I’ve discovered 7 Autumn Self Care Strategies that have helped me cope and I hope these inspire and help you too!

Autumn Self Care#1 Remember to Breathe

Colder weather can cause you to hold tension in your muscles and as a consequence unconscious shallow breathing.  Breathing well is vital to optimum health and wellbeing so remember to check in with your body and take some long deep breaths, feeling your abdomen rise.  Shallow breathing, when we just breathe into the tops of our lungs, in itself can trigger a stress response in the body and prolonged stress leads to ill health and disease.





Autumn self care #2 Get Cosy

With temperatures beginning to drop it’s time to make a few changes around your home – get your winter duvets out, extra throws or snuggly cushions for your bed or sofa. Answer the question – what makes you feel cosy?



#3 Nourish your Body

Avoid coughs and colds by getting more vitamins and minerals into your system.  Soups and broths are great ways to boost the amount of fresh vegetables you are eating.  Try and start your day with hot water and lemon and ginger – a wonderful tonic for your liver.




#4 Get outside – make the most of a sunny or dry day.

Plan days outside, being in nature, by the sea or in a beautiful forest or woodland area.  A series of studies by Forestry England have revealed strong scientific evidence that visiting a forest can improve your feeling of wellbeing.  Research shows that by breathing in phytoncides which trees emit to protect themselves from germs and insects actually boost our immune systems and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Check the forecast first and wear the right warm clothes and footwear.


Restore Body Oil#5 Nourish your skin

Central heating can easily dry out your skin. Combine this with wet and windy days, your skin certainly needs some extra care at this time of the year.   Try using a body oil and facial oil as part of your daily routine.  These contain high levels of antioxidants to help repair and renew cells.  They are easily absorbed hydrating oils that soften and moisturise very quickly.




#6 Lift your mood with essential oils

Once inhaled essential oils can stimulate memories, moods and feelings.  This is because they have a wonderful way of travelling up through our noses and straight into our brain through our olfactory system.

There are many essential oils renowned for their uplifting properties and Bergamot is one of them.  It is a wonderful natural anti-depressant and controlled clinical studies have revealed it reduces anxiety (*




#7 Be kind to yourself

Tune in to your inner voice and see how kindly you are speaking to yourself.  Consider would you say that to a friend.  It’s okay if you can’t get everything done that’s on your to-do list. It’s okay if you can’t be there for everyone who needs you right now.  You need time out just for you. You need to keep yourself healthy, keep your cup filled so you can continue to serve others.

A beautiful question that I learned from the Kind Mind Academy is to ask yourself “What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself today?”


I hope these ideas are helpful and if you have any strategies that help you through the darker months please feel free to share below.

If you would like some help nurturing yourself or perhaps need a pick me up with a personalised blend of essential oils, take a look at my latest special Time to Nurture Package that I’ve just launched to celebrate 15 years as a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Best wishes,

Louisa x

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