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Beat the Heat: 12 tips to keep cool naturally

Keep Cool Naturally

I’m a summer baby but even I don’t like too much heat.

There are so many different ways you can keep yourself cool without the obvious fans and air-conditioning so here are my top 12 ideas and one even shows you how to make your own air con – enjoy and stay cool!

12 low cost and simple strategies to help you and your family keep cool naturally as temperatures soar….

#1 Keep blinds or curtains closed during the day on the side of the house where the sun shines.

keep cool naturally
Only open windows on the sides that are shaded to let cooler air in.

If temperatures are extremely high you may be better off keeping all windows and doors shut until dusk.


#2 Eat lighter and little and often and avoid large heavy meals.

keep cool naturally

When you eat a large meal your metabolic rate increases – which increases body temperature – to allow the digestion of food.


#3 Keep a spray bottle in the fridge ready to spritz your face and body when you need it.


keep cool naturally

A natural floral water is perfect for a calming & cooling all over body spritz.

Peppermint floral water is an ideal choice.


#4 Cool your senses by applying Clear Aroma Pulse Point Roll to your pulse points and forehead for a cooling Peppermint effect.

keep cool naturally

Keep it somewhere cool for a super cooling experience.


#5 Make your own air con

keep cool naturally

Place a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan to create an an icy-cool breeze.


#6 Freeze a bottle of water and take it out with you so it remains cold for longer.

a bottle of water


#7 Apply an ice cold flannel/ small towel to your pulse points – around your neck, across forehead and temples, around your wrists to help cool you down.

keep cool naturally


#8 Have a cool foot bath.   Add 2-3 drops of Peppermint, Rosemary or Lemon essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil for a refreshing and cooling sensation.

Keeping Cool Naturally


Always consult a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils if you have a serious medical condition.


#9 Have a lukewarm bath or shower.  It’s tempting to have a cold shower but your body will try and heat up to compensate for the cold soon after.

keep cool naturally

Go for something that feels just below your body temperature instead.

#10 Swap your duvet for a sheet
and keep the sheet in the freezer.


#11 Avoid cooking indoors.  It’s a great time for a BBQ or switch to cold meals if that’s not an option.


#12 Include refreshing and cooling herbs and fruits like mint, watermelon and cucumber into your routine.

Stay cool naturally

It’s crucial to stay hydrated during intense heat.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake as they dehydrate you.

I hope you have found these 12 tips for Keeping Cool Naturally useful. Let me know which one is your favourite by leaving a comment below.

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