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Is it time to rescue your hands? With all the extra hand washing and use of hand sanitisers I’m sure your hands are feeling dry and maybe even sore so here are 5 simple tips to rescue your hands and get them back into good condition. “My poor hands” Before I closed my therapy clinic…

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Immune System

How are you feeling right now? With continuous media coverage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s quite natural to feel anxious.  Right now it’s important that you do as much as you can to practise selfcare.  Yes I’m sure you are concerned for your loved ones and those who are vulnerable but if you don’t look…

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Scents of Love Ancient civilizations are well known for their use of fragrant essential oils to improve health and enhance beauty.  Essential oils are also known for their powerful aphrodisiac properties.  So, whether you have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day or you are having some quiet time just for yourself then consider aromatherapy…

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Make Your Life Easier

Let me help you make your life easier in 2020. I usually start my day at 6.30am but since the beginning of the year it’s been a bit of a struggle to emerge from my bed until the sun is up which has been nearer to 8am so all the emails that talk about New…

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Festive Foods

9 Festive Super Foods for Radiant Skin With Christmas food shopping high on your agenda I thought I would focus on 8 festive super foods that will encourage radiant skin, good health and counteract some of the pressures of this season…. Nuts Nuts are a fantastic source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which…

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So many of us put ourselves under immense pressure trying to create the perfect Christmas.  If this sounds like you here are 10 quick fixes to help keep you calm this Christmas… Listen to your favourite music Think about how you feel when your favourite song that you haven’t heard for a while comes on…

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Autumn Selfcare

9 Ways Boost your Beauty & Wellbeing this Winter Do you tend to slow down and retreat indoors during the winter months? Does your skin become more sensitive to the elements?  Yes, well don’t despair because I’ve put together some simple tips and advice that that you can start doing right away.  Here are 9…

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Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep is not just great for beautiful skin, it’s a foundation for good physical, mental and emotional health. Living in a world that’s switched on 24-7, always connected, on demand, you may find it hard to switch off.  On top of this there has been ongoing uncertainty in the news…yet another thing…

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Autumn Self Care

Autumn Self Care Strategies Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the temperature is gradually dropping.  Being a summer baby I sometimes struggle with the darker and colder months but I’ve discovered 7 Autumn Self Care Strategies that have helped me cope and I hope these inspire and help you too! #1 Remember…

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Press Pause

Is it time you pressed your pause button? Earlier this year I asked my subscribers: “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to relaxation and self-care?” And can you guess what the most common answer was? Yes it was all about TIME or the lack of it. Not having enough time. Finding the time…

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