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9 Ways Boost your Beauty & Wellbeing this Winter

9 Ways Boost your Beauty & Wellbeing this Winter

Do you tend to slow down and retreat indoors during the winter months? Does your skin become more sensitive to the elements?  Yes, well don’t despair because I’ve put together some simple tips and advice that that you can start doing right away.  Here are 9 Ways to Boost Your Beauty & Wellbeing this Winter…


8 Ways to Boost your Beauty & Wellbeing*Protect Your Lips*

Use a good lip balm that will moisturise, soften and protect your lips from wintry weather and central heating.  Avoid those that contain paraffin wax as these have a drying effect in the long term. Take a look at our award winning 100% organic lip balms here.



*Moisturise moisturise moisturise!* Mini Day & Night Face Duo Nourish & Rejuvenate

Does your skin start to feel dry during this season? Now is the time to adjust your beauty routine. Do you need to start using a facial oil? If you already do, do you need to use it more frequently? Facial oils mimic the skin are a super fast way of influencing the hydration of your skin.  If you find you have particularly dry skin in the winter then you may want to try using an oil and a moisturising cream. Take a moment to stop and think is your current moisturising routine working for you?


Steam and Clean*Clean & Steam*

Steaming whether it is at your local steam room, a towel over your head at home or part of a professional facial treatment, steaming has multiple beauty benefits. Steaming is a fantastic way to deeply cleanse your skin and warm you up, perfect for cold seasons. The heat also stimulates the loosening of dead skin cells so your face will appear brighter and smoother afterwards. If you are interested in a having a professional facial take a look here.


*Avoid a rudolph appearance*

If you catch a cold make sure you apply a balm to the area of skin around your nose to help it act as a barrier to avoid redness and soreness.  Our Be Natural unscented lip balm is perfect for this.



*Be prepared to get outside*

Make sure you have winter wardrobe necessities – a waterproof coat, a warm winter coat, scarves & gloves.   The beautiful autumnal colours seem to be lingering this year so get out and take them in.  Remember if you are dressed well for winter there’s no need to get cold. Fresh air will boost your immune system and you may even absorb some natural sunshine containing Vitamin D. Make the most of those cold and bright days.



Boost Your Beauty & Wellbeing*Get warmly hydrated*

Invest in some fruit & herbal teas to keep you warm and healthily hydrated at the same time. Two of my favourites are Lemon & Ginger and Raspberry and Echinacea. Or go one step further and make your own winter warmer from scratch.  Boil about a square inch of ginger, strain keeping the water, add fresh lemon juice from half a lemon and honey to taste (if necessary).  Spice it up by adding some cinnamon. Yum Yum.


*Exercise indoors*

Take up a group sport to help you keep motivated to exercise throughout winter like badminton, indoor netball or group personal training indoors.


Boost Your Beauty & Wellbeing*Munch on pumpkin seeds*

These wonderful little seeds contain lots of zinc which plays a key part in your body’s fight against infection. Zinc is also a vital mineral for healthy skin because it accelerates the renewal of skin cells and an anti-inflammatory properties so is good for acne and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.


*Balance – it’s all about balance*

It’s too easy to get pulled along by the fast pace, especially in the run up to the end of the year so along with your “to do’s” take some time out for you, whether it’s lovely warm aromatherapy bath. Remember to try and re-adjust the scales if you find you are doing too much and if you need some help to tackle this take a look at my previous blog Make Your Life Easier this Christmas: 5 Simple Strategies.

I hope you have enjoyed reading 9 Ways to Boost your Beauty & Wellbeing this Winter and if you have any tips to share please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Louisa Alessandra Pini

Take care of YOU!

Best wishes

Louisa x

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