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Bumper Winter Face Care & Wellbeing Gift Set ... mix & match

Bumper Winter Face Care & Wellbeing Gift Set

Lavender Example Theme

Is your skin feeling dry?

Do you dread the cold weather because of the effect it has on your skin and your wellbeing?

Are you looking for a collection of products that will deliver you results quickly?


If you have answered yes to any or all of the above I have some good news for you.
I have put together a very special collection of products that promise to:


  • effectively hydrate and nurture your skin as we move into Winter
  • nourish your skin with antioxidants to firm and tone
  • make you feel positive and happy with their uplifting natural scents
  • lift your mood and help you create a festive atmosphere
  • make the ideal gift or collection of gifts for you and your friends or loved ones

I've hand-picked 9 specially formulated products that will nourish and nurture you throughout the Winter.

Goodbye dehydrated skin and premature ageing. Hello youthful, plump looking silky soft skin!

Goodbye feeling sad and low, here's to feeling joyful and positive!


So what's in the Bumper Winter Face Care & Wellbeing Gift Set?

Guess what - you get to choose!

Bumper Winter Face Care & Wellbeing Gift Set

Lavender & Mint example

1.  One facial oil: Calm OR Rejuvenate Facial Oil (you choose)

Our facial oils contain a powerful rejuvenating blend of plant oils providing your skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

These help cell renewal and reduce appearance of fine lines. Don't take our word for it have a look at our reviews.

Nourish and nurture

It’s light formulation allows it to be easily absorbed by your skin leaving it feeling soothed, smooth and nourished.

A lovely choice before bedtime for some beauty sleep.

nourish and nurture

Calm contains soothing locally sourced Carshalton Lavender oil and Rejuvenate contains organic Frankincense and Rose Geranium essential oil.

Rose Geranium is helpful if your are experience hormonal changes.  It helps to create balance.


2. One face cream: Nourish Citrus or Unscented Simply Nourish Face Moisturiser (you choose)

It's super moisturising formulation containing active botanicals to help maintain good hydration through winter months.

Good hydration + antioxidants = fewer wrinkles!

Choose either new & improved Nourish Citrus Face Cream is a skin-nourishing light facial moisturiser with uplifting and skin balancing oils of Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium and Cedarwood.

Or new and improved Simply Nourish is unscented and great for particularly sensitive skins which avoid fragrance.  Alternatively, you can blend in your own essential oils.

Nourish Citrus Face Moisturiser


The simple unscented version of this cream (pictured below) was a Finalist in this year's Free From Skincare Awards.

Nourish and nurture


3 & 4. Two 100% organic lip balms of your choice!

Formulated with five of the finest effective natural ingredients to moisturise, soothe and protect your lips.

These lip balms are guaranteed to keep your lips soft and hydrated throughout the winter.

Choose from double award winning Be Natural (unscented), Be Fresh, Be Minty.Lip balms

Be Natural - the unscented lip balm (pictured below) is perfect for the most sensitive of skins.  It will leave your lips feeling super soft and hydrated.


Multi Award Winning Be Natural Lip Balm

Customers have been amazed at how dry and chapped lips have been repaired within 48 hours of use.

Be Natural lip balm is also suitable for use with children.

It and can be applied around the nostrils to stop them becoming red and sore if you have a cold.

nourish and nurture

One customer used this as the idea eyebrow tamer too!  A thoroughly great multi-use product.


5. One Hand Cream of your choice - Soothe or Revive

These hand creams have been specially formulated with ingredients that will not only moisturise your hands but also help improve their condition as you use them.

After a few weeks of regular use you will no longer need to apply hand cream so often.

Choose from Revive hand cream with Rose Geranium and Bergamot or Soothe Carshalton Lavender hand cream.

Essential oils of Bergamot and Rose Geranium will uplift your mind and help you feel positive on dark days.

Revive Hand Cream#

Lavender is calming and soothing for mind and body.

Soothe Hand Cream


6. One Room & Linen Mist of your choice

Choose from a selection of organic sprays to enhance your environment and personal space.  These can be used on linen.  Ideal to use before practising yoga, pilates or meditation for example.

These sprays are:

  • perfect for guest rooms – Tranquility
  • ideal to create a positive ambiance before guests arrive – Balance
  • perfect to soothe and comfort children by spraying on their bedclothes or night clothes – Peace
  • great for therapists can use to create an inviting space or to clear the space in between clients

Room & Linen Mists

  •  Tranquility - with Patchouli, Lavender & Mandarin
  • Balance - with Rose Geranium and Bergamot
  • Peace - with locally grown Carshalton Lavender


7. One Aroma Pulse Point Roll On of your choice

Never find yourself out and about without some key essential oils to bring you a moment of calm or to energise you or just to uplift your mood.

Relax is ideal for use just before bedtime to help you get a peaceful night's sleep.

nourish and nurture


De-Stress is aromatherapy's rescue remedy and is helpful when you everything is getting a bit too much.

De Stress Aroma Roll On

Clear contains lots of organic Peppermint oil and a little Carshalton Lavender oil.

Together they create the perfect blend to wake you up in the morning, to help relieve a headache or just give your concentration a boost!


8. 100% pure Organic Sweet Orange oil

This pure essential sweet orange oil is deeply uplifting and festive too.  Research shows that citrus oils work effectively as natural anti-depresessants.

Nourish and nurture

It has a soft and warm scent that evokes feelings of joy.  I particularly love this oil during the festive period.

It can be used in diffusers and oil burners as well as just a drop on a tissue near you.


9. 100% pure Hug-in-a-Bottle Festive Diffuser Blend

A beautiful hand blended festive oil blend for your oil burner or diffuser to help you create the perfect Christmas ambiance and bring some joy and positivity into your home!

Hug in a bottle festive blend

10. And finally the set includes a beautiful silver recycled paper festive gift bag with ribbon

Festive bag

Did you know that we also tick all these boxes?

  • Award-winning
  • Long-lasting products
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients
  • Therapeutic organic aromatherapy oils
  • Hand gift wrapped


Can this set be sent directly as a gift?

Yes, it can be posted direct with a personalised note.

Alternatively you could choose to split it up into several gifts for your friends and family - nurses, keen gardeners, carers who are in need of a little TLC themselves will appreciate these.

Tick some names off your Christmas gift and save ££'s at the same time.


So how much does this cost?

The full price for this set is £119.50 but for a short time only there are just 24 of these sets available for £98.

That's a whopping SAVING of £21.50.

This offer will disappear midnight Monday 28th November.

Hurry and take advantage of 10 AMAZING products to spread joy and relaxation this Winter

Perhaps it could be a luxury gift set for that very special someone or maybe just for you because yes YOU deserve it!

Or an ideal set to split into numerous gifts and share the love.


Does this sound like the perfect gift? Click the Add to Cart button below.

To summarise the set includes these 10 amazing full size Just Be Natural products:

  1. 25ml Calm or Rejuvenate Facial oil
  2. 60ml Nourish Citrus or Simply Nourish Face Moisturiser
  3. One 100% organic lip balms of your choice
  4. One more 100% organic lip balms of your choice
  5. 100ml Room & Linen mist of your choice - Tranquility, Balance or Peace
  6. 60ml Revive or Soothe Hand Cream
  7. Aroma pulse point roll on of your choice - Relax, De-Stress or Clear
  8. 10ml 100% organic Sweet Orange oil
  9. Hug-in-a-Bottle Festive Oil Blend
  10. Festive Gift Bag

Royal Mail postage is included.



When can I expect to receive my order?

Orders are usually fulfilled within 1-2 working days.  Please be aware that Royal Mail strikes may cause delays.

Products are being made fresh so please allow 3 days to process your order.

If you have any questions please contact me or send me a WhatsApp message on 07888 689881.

£119.50Read more


"Bought a lovely skin care set from Louisa’s first live event and I love it! Beautiful products, wonderfully packaged and carefully thought of collections. My favourite by far is the facial oil. So smooth and soaks in beautifully. Highly recommended." Emma Kirkham

£119.50Read more

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