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6 Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress

christmas stress

Christmas Stress – make life easier this year With Christmas and the end of another year just around the corner you may be feeling apprehensive, stressed, or a little overwhelmed for a variety of different reasons and you are not alone. To make your life a little easier I’ve gathered together 6 of my top…

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My top two festive oils

Essential Oils

Can you guess which are my top two festive oils? I’ll give you a clue… they happen to be infection beating and mood-lifting.  I think this is precisely what many of us need right now and so here’s what they are and how they work….. Essential oils are a powerful means of naturally enhancing your…

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Goodbye Dry Skin: 8 Winter Skincare Secrets

kiss goodbye dry skin

Kiss Goodbye Dry Skin with these 8 Winter Skincare Secrets If you dread the Winter because it plays havoc with your skin then you’re definitely in the right place to find some quick and easy solutions. Here are eight valuable tips to help you banish dry skin and instead have soft, hydrated and smooth skin…

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Top 3 Warm Drinks for Radiant Skin

warm drink

Here are the 3 best warm drinks for radiant skin… With the recent arrival of freezing temperatures, there’s no better time to take a look at some warm drinks that will help improve your skin, health and well-being. 1)  Warm Drink #1 Fresh lemon, ginger & honey Lemon contains high levels of vitamin C which…

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Selfcare Solstice: The Season to Slow Down

Season to Slow Down

Did you know it’s the season to slow down? With the lead up to Christmas and the end of another year it’s easy to get swept along in the race to get everything done. Last week I was stuck in a car park that was almost gridlocked due to sheer volume of cars entering and…

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5 Festive Foods for Beautiful Skin

Festive food

5 Festive Foods for Beautiful Skin I don’t know about you but I am a true foodie and I LOVE cooking.  Christmas is a time of the year where I get to spend a little more time in the kitchen. With everything that’s going in the world outside right now I thought I’d share with…

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10 minute miracles – look and feel radiant!

10 minute miracles

Look & Feel Radiant: 10 minute miracles How are YOU doing?  Recently there has been a vibe of busy-ness everywhere … the roads are full, shops and supermarkets have aisles piled high ready for the Christmas rush.  With so many people in a hurry it can be easy to get pulled along in the lead…

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Keep Calm & Restore


With Winter Solstice less than a month away now is a great time to share with you three unexpected benefits of lavender oil at this time of the year and how you can use it to help you keep calm. Look at nature, it’s time to be still…..or to at least build more moments of…

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5 Ways to Find Happiness & Enjoy Winter

Winter Selfcare Package

5 Ways to Find Happiness & Enjoy Winter There is so much craziness going on in the world right now. Don’t worry I’m not going to list it all!  I’m writing this from Tier 4 and with the recent news I felt a strong urge to give you some inspiration and ways you can find…

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How you CAN make your life easier this Christmas

dog under blanket

How you CAN make Your Life Easier this Christmas – 2020 seems to have disappeared in the blink of the eye and Christmas is well and truly on the way whether we like it or not.  Are you excited? Or are you looking forward to it being all over?   Your answer may depend upon how…

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