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2024: Make Your Life Easier – Reflection and Action

Let me help you make your life easier in 2024. I usually start my day at 6.30am but since solstice it’s been a bit of a struggle to emerge from my bed until the sun is up which has been nearer to 8am so all the emails that talk about New Year, New You, New…

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Too Busy for Self Care? Just pick one

Effective Self Care for Busy People

If you are too busy for self care just pick ONE… Hands up if you think of yourself as busy? I think it’s fair to say that many of us feel as if we spend most days frantically juggling a great number of different tasks, whether that’s work, family or general day-to-day chores. Our day…

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Chaos to Coping: 7 Lessons from a Stressful Week


There are times in life when a number of stressful situations can occur all at once. When this happens on top of home, work and parental pressures you might struggle to feel like you can cope. This is when it is vital to increase your selfcare. After a very challenging ten days in September I…

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7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

natural ways to boost your immune system

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System this Summer Summer is often a time for relaxation, holidays, opportunities spent outside and enjoying nature. There’s no avoiding the possibility of catching colds and flu so here are 7 natural ways to boost your immune system.   1). Start your day with Lemon Essential Oil Lemon…

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Top 6 Holiday Essential oils


Top 6 Holiday Essential Oils As an aromatherapy enthusiast I can’t travel without taking some essential oils with me. Here I’ve shared my top 6 holiday essential oils that always accompany me on UK breaks and holidays abroad… Keep calm on the journey with Ylang Ylang & Bergamot I don’t know about you but I’ve…

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7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet Summer is on its way and it’s about time too! Goodbye boots and wellies and hello sandals and flip flops…hooray! So, are your feet ready, are they looking soft, smooth and nourished?  Or are they dry, cracked and in need of some extra care? Help is here, just follow…

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17 Ideas to help you Cleanse & De-clutter


17 Ideas to Help You Cleanse & De-clutter your Body, Mind & Home! Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it is a time for new beginnings. This time of the year is popular for ridding our lives of clutter and by this I don’t just mean that cupboard or loft that you’ve been…

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Top 3 Mood Boosters

Mood Boost

Top 3 Mood Boosters Dark and wet winter days on top of the ongoing negativity shared in the news may leave you feeling miserable, a little low or just more anxious than usual. The good news is that there is always something you can do to lift your mood and reduce anxiety and so I’m…

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Just Be Natural: Less is more | 6 money saving tips

Just Be Natural

Just Be Natural: Less is more There is a huge focus on reducing costs and becoming more energy efficient right now – I’m not going to elaborate on why because I’m sure you don’t need it repeated – the news is doing that for us every single day. Note to self: reduce news intake for…

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Oils for Instant Calm


April is Stress Awareness Month and with everything that is going on in the world, in the news, aside from daily personal stressors and struggles it could all easily become a bit too much. Please don’t despair and let aromatherapy help you pause and find a moment of relaxation. Good News In my last blog,…

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