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7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet

Close-up of a woman's foot with slippers

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet Summer is finally here and it’s about time too! Goodbye boots and wellies and hello sandals and flip flops…hooray! So, are your feet ready, are they looking soft, smooth and nourished?  Or are they dry, cracked and in need of some extra care? Help is here, just follow these…

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Relaxation: What is it? Are you getting enough?


Relaxation – what does it mean to you? Since re-opening my therapy room I’ve had quite a few new clients suffering from severe stress and anxiety as a consequence of the last 15 months. It is not surprising when our stress response has been triggered on a daily basis, through the media, the poster signs,…

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5 Steps to Feel Good

5 steps to feel good

Feel good with these five steps… I think we are all struggling a little bit at the moment.  With the current restrictions continuing I have had many conversations with friends and customers who are feeling “fed up”. Yes it’s quite a natural response, however remaining in this state is not good for your health or…

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Banish Dry Skin this Autumn


Banish Dry Skin this Autumn Autumn is officially here, the clocks have gone back and temperatures are gradually decreasing.  Now is the perfect time to offer you some valuable tips to help you have soft, hydrated and smooth skin throughout Autumn and Winter.  If you dread these seasons because they play havoc with your skin…

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How to Use Aromatherapy Oils to Support your Digestive Health

In September I’m excited to have written a guest blog for Jane Barrett of Nurturing Nutrition and it’s all about how to use aromatherapy oils to support your digestive health. Practical advice and guidance on blending and self massage. Read the full blog here.

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3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance

3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance I’m excited to share with you 3 essential Oils to energise & re-balance because I often write about essential oils for relaxation.  Right now, with lockdown measures gradually easing I feel that you might need some oils to help you focus, concentrate and balance.  For many of us…

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Aromatherapy for Instant Calm – 3 amazing essential oils

Aromatherapy for Instant Calm

In celebration of Stress Awareness Month and with our current circumstances I thought you may need some aromatherapy for instant calm. Here are 3 amazing essential oils to switch on your inner calm. Remember it’s always there, sometimes you just need to find the best way to turn it on.   Frankincense A beautiful oil…

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Immune System: 5 Ways to Boost Yours!

Immune System

How are you feeling right now? With continuous media coverage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s quite natural to feel anxious.  Right now it’s important that you do as much as you can to practise selfcare.  Yes I’m sure you are concerned for your loved ones and those who are vulnerable but if you don’t look…

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Autumn Self Care -7 Strategies

Autumn Self Care

Autumn Self Care Strategies Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the temperature is gradually dropping.  Being a summer baby I sometimes struggle with the darker and colder months but I’ve discovered 7 Autumn Self Care Strategies that have helped me cope and I hope these inspire and help you too! #1 Remember…

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17 Ideas to help you Cleanse & De-clutter

pink spring tulips

17 Ideas to Help You Cleanse & De-clutter your Body, Mind & Home! Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it is a time for new beginnings.  This time of the year is popular for ridding our lives of clutter and by this I don’t just mean that cupboard or attic that you’ve been…

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