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Self Care Rituals: The Ultimate Home Spa

Self care

With a new year upon us, Spring on it’s way and Valentine’s Day almost here it got me thinking about how now is the perfect time to start practising a bit more self care. Just in case your New Year good intentions have already fallen by the wayside or perhaps you are struggling to make…

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Top 3 Mood Boosters

Mood Boost

Top 3 Mood Boosters Welcome to my first blog of 2022.  It’s gloriously sunny as I type this but we’ve certainly had our fair share of wet and grey days recently. Dark and wet winter days on top of the ongoing uncertainty in the news may leave you feeling miserable, a little low or just…

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7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet

Close-up of a woman's foot with slippers

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet Summer is finally here and it’s about time too! Goodbye boots and wellies and hello sandals and flip flops…hooray! So, are your feet ready, are they looking soft, smooth and nourished?  Or are they dry, cracked and in need of some extra care? Help is here, just follow these…

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Relaxation: What is it? Are you getting enough?


Relaxation – what does it mean to you? Since re-opening my therapy room I’ve had quite a few new clients suffering from severe stress and anxiety as a consequence of the last 15 months. It is not surprising when our stress response has been triggered on a daily basis, through the media, the poster signs,…

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4 Self Care Ideas for Spring Plus D-I-Y Exfoliation Recipes

Spring Self Care ideas

Do you need some self care ideas for Spring?  Spring is almost here and there is hope on the horizon for a return to normality and safe socialising.  Now has never been a better time to get yourself ready to re-emerge.  Spring is often associated with renewal, re-birth, cleansing and rejuvenation. I love this time…

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3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance

3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance I’m excited to share with you 3 essential Oils to energise & re-balance because I often write about essential oils for relaxation.  Right now, with lockdown measures gradually easing I feel that you might need some oils to help you focus, concentrate and balance.  For many of us…

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Beauty Unlocked: 5 Simple Fixes

Unlock beauty with these 5 simple fixes! The government have announced that on Sunday we will hear their plans to ease us out of the lockdown.   In the light of this news I thought it was a good time to share with you 5 simple fixes to help you look and feel good.  Take a…

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Make Your Life Easier in 2020: Reflection & Action

Make Your Life Easier

Let me help you make your life easier in 2020. I usually start my day at 6.30am but since the beginning of the year it’s been a bit of a struggle to emerge from my bed until the sun is up which has been nearer to 8am so all the emails that talk about New…

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Sleep Heals the Body & Mind

Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep is not just great for beautiful skin, it’s a foundation for good physical, mental and emotional health. Living in a world that’s switched on 24-7, always connected, on demand, you may find it hard to switch off.  On top of this there has been ongoing uncertainty in the news…yet another thing…

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Autumn Self Care -7 Strategies

Autumn Self Care

Autumn Self Care Strategies Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the temperature is gradually dropping.  Being a summer baby I sometimes struggle with the darker and colder months but I’ve discovered 7 Autumn Self Care Strategies that have helped me cope and I hope these inspire and help you too! #1 Remember…

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