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3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance

3 Essential Oils to Energise & Re-Balance

I’m excited to share with you 3 essential Oils to energise & re-balance because I often write about essential oils for relaxation.  Right now, with lockdown measures gradually easing I feel that you might need some oils to help you focus, concentrate and balance.  For many of us it’s time to emerge and re-energise or at least make preparations to do so hopefully in the near future.


essential oils to energiseLemon Essential Oil – Keyword: Focus

Lemon essential oil is an excellent oil to help you focus and an added bonus is that citrus oils can uplift your mood.  I love diffusing this when I have a task to do that I’m not keen on but need to do like admin or accounting.

In one study it was found to reduce typing errors by 54% when the oil was vaporised in the air.

Research shows that lemon essential oil actually helps to increase your white blood cell count – these are vital cells that help your body fight infection.  Another bonus of citrus oils including Lemon like Bergamot and Sweet Orange is that a 1995 Mie university study showed that citrus fragrances reduced depression.

essential oils to energise

Rosemary Essential Oil – Keyword: Stimulating

Rosemary is often a herb that you might have growing in your garden because it’s very common here in the UK so if you don’t have the essential oil to hand just break some off your plant and snap a few leaves and inhale it’s medicinal and has almost minty and eucalyptus-like scent.

It has a long history of improving memory and concentration. Think of the saying ‘Rosemary for remembrance’.  It is an excellent oil for mental clarity.

It’s a cephalic oil meaning it opens your sinuses and is a good choice to diffuse if you suffer with sinus headaches.

Cautions: This oil is not suitable if you suffer with high blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you suffer from epilepsy.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil – Keyword: Balancing

Rose Geranium has a gently rosy scent, much sweeter than the geranium you may have in your garden.  It is wonderful for balancing mind, body and emotions and hormones.

Why not have an aromatherapy salt bath if you’ve had a day of ups and downs and need to find some balance.

For a morning bath to help you balance and focus I recommend Geranium and Lemon – a lovely combination.

For an evening bath to help you balance and unwind you could blend  it with some Frankincense or Lavender.

Caution: Never add essential oils directly to your bath water, blend them in a carrier oil first.

These are my top 3 essential oils to help you energise re-balance.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

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