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How to: Get yourself Holiday-Ready with Lavender Oil

Lavender Field

With holiday season nearly upon us, it’s time to take a much needed break from the mayhem of looking after children and loved ones, work and social stresses. Your summer holidays should be as much about your relaxation as they are about savouring precious family time and building new memories.

Using lavender oil is an amazing way to create a calm oasis ahead of your holiday, helping to wash away stress and worries ahead of time. This means you can grasp more of that “holiday feeling” and feel stress free and refreshed before heading away. I’ve put together a simple routine to aid in de-stressing and saying hello to holiday mode!

Peace Room & Linen Mist


Holiday Packing

1 – While packing, use our Peace Room and Linen Mist to gently scent your suitcase and carry-on. Each time you take items out they’ll release a gentle lavender aroma and slightly perfume your clothing for a full body calm sensation.


Pre-Holiday Relaxation

2 – Add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a bath and soak up the skin loving benefits. Take long deep breaths, allowing the lavender to clear airways and sinuses. Next, warm a couple of drops of our calming facial oil between the palms of your hands and gently massage into your whole face using upward strokes. Remember to massage the temple area and neck for the ultimate relaxation.


Did you know that a 5 minutFoot massagee foot massage is one of the fastest ways to decrease stress?

3 – A research study in which a 5 minute foot massage was offered to to 25 critically ill patients in intensive care revealed a significant decrease in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration during the foot massage, all physiological signs of relaxation. So, if you find you get a bit worked up in the lead up to your holiday and everything you need to remember then the best thing you can do is spend just 5 minutes massaging your feet.

Use an intensive foot cream with a couple of added lavender oil drops to soften and smooth heels, whilst giving nails a nourishing treatment. Not only will this relax you but your feet will be summer sandal ready and feeling refreshed and fabulous! Grab a jar of our intensive foot cream and add a couple of drops of this for some added relaxation.

Other uses for lavender oil on holiday:

  • Sprinkle a small amount on pillows for a more “at home” feeling while you slumber.
  • Use to aid the healing of minor cuts or insect bites, use a drop, warmed, over any areas.
  • Settle nausea and motion sickness by rubbing two drops between your hands and cup over your nose to inhale.

I hope these tips gives you a good basis to start your holiday. Let me know in the comments below if you have any rituals or methods that get you in the holiday mood.

Best wishes,

Louisa x

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