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Goodbye Dry Skin: 8 Winter Skincare Secrets

Kiss Goodbye Dry Skin with these 8 Winter Skincare Secrets

If you dread the Winter because it plays havoc with your skin then you’re definitely in the right place to find some quick and easy solutions.

Here are eight valuable tips to help you banish dry skin and instead have soft, hydrated and smooth skin throughout Winter.

1). Hydration begins inside


Banish dry skin

When skin is dehydrated it can appear dull and flat.

Fine lines appear more pronounced as well as under eye circles and who want’s that?

Hydrated skin appears fuller, shinier and with this fullness comes less pronounced fine lines and a healthy glow.

If you suffer with particularly stubborn dry skin problems like eczema you will want to have even better internal hydration.

I can’t emphasise enough just how important it is to keep your body hydrated and by this I don’t just mean by drinking more water.


Yes that is key but think outside the box a little.  Replace that ‘boring’ glass of water with cold fruit or herbal teas.  Fresh lemon and mint added to water is wonderfully refreshing or try some fresh orange including a bit of the zest grated and ginger for a change.

Food is another way we can absorb water so think cucumber, warm salads, fresh fruit and vegetables.  Avoid plastic bottles and invest in a water filter to obtain purer water without the plastic.

For more inspiration, read my previous blog – 3 warm drinks for radiant skin


2). Dehydration also begins inside

In Winter consider cutting down on your caffeine intake:

Black teas, coffee, caffeinated drinks all act as diuretics.

They literally draw water out of your body. Alcohol is a another suspect.

Replace some of these with hydrating drinks as listed above and if you do indulge consider supplementing with a rehydration sachet.

3). Consider layering your skincare products


Dry skin

If you find you have dry patches you may wish to layer a cream with an oil.

Apply the cream first and the oil after as this will lock in the extra hydration and nutrients in the cream.

A good moisturiser will contain humectants – ingredients which draw moisture into your skin.

Be rest assured every single one of the Just Be Natural moisturisers for face, hands, feet and body include effective levels of humectants.

Before I did the the Carshalton Frost Fair in -2 degrees recently I pumped a couple of drops of Rejuvenate facial oil into about a 1p amount of Nourish Floral Face Moisturiser into the palm of my hand, mixed together and applied it to my face for an even richer concentration and barrier against the freezing weather.

Knowing I was going to be in 0 degrees or less for 7 hours at least.  My skin was fine, no dryness whatsoever.


4). Exfoliate & Lip Scrub

Winter is a great time to exfoliate a little more often especially for dry, normal, combination or oily skin types.

Less often for those with sensitive skin.


nourish and nurture

How often do you think about exfoliating your lips?

Winter is a great time to do this because with the central heating your lips can easily dry out.

I recently made my own lip scrub in less than a minute. Wash your hands before making it.

Step 1: Cut a slither of Be Natural Lip Balm and place in the palm of your hand

Step 2: Add a pinch of fine caster sugar or any fine sugar – not granulated sugar as that is too harsh for your lips.

Step 3: Rub in so the balm melts and binds with the sugar

Step 4: Apply and gently rub around your lips for a minute

Step 5: Rinse and wipe away with a cloth, cotton wool or flannel

You will be amazed at how simple and effective this lip scrub is – say hello to your super smooth and super soft lips.


5). Hot to Cold

Dry skin

Going from cold to hot spaces can often cause your cheeks and face to turn red from the two extremes of temperature.

Using effective hydrating moisturisers will help support and nourish your skin’s natural barrier function.

When you are going outside try and wear a scarf or a snood and cover the bottom half of your face – from your nose down – for some additional protection against the wind and cold weather.

You may also wish to avoid alcohol which causes blood vessels to dilate and can cause more redness.


6). Rescue Your Hands

Ahead of a recent Live event many people asked me what they can do to protect their hands from all the handwashing and dryness that comes with it.   There is a LOT you can do – read it in a previous blog of mine here.

Rescue Your Hands

If your skin is super sensitive and even basic moisturising creams irritate your skin try Jojoba oil – it’s very similar to sebum and excellent for sensitive skins.


One of my customers’ described this as a life saver for her dry and extremely sore and irritated hands.


7). Munch on Pumpkin Seeds

These wonderful little seeds contain lots of zinc.

This powerful mineral is vital for healthy skin because it accelerates the renewal of skin cells and anti-inflammatory properties so is good for acne and skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Zinc also plays a key part in your body’s fight against infection so it’s an ideal mineral to top up on this time of the year.


8). Clean and Steam

Steaming whether it is at your local steam room, a towel over your head at home or part of a professional facial treatment, steaming has multiple beauty benefits.

It is a fantastic way to deeply cleanse your skin and warm you up, perfect for cold seasons.

kiss goodbye dry skin

The heat also stimulates the loosening of dead skin cells so your face will appear brighter and smoother afterwards.

If you are interested in a having a professional facial take a look here.

I hope this is useful for you and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave a comment below.

Best wishes, Louisa

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