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Hello & welcome to Just Be Loved: 7 Days To Self Care!  If you have decided that you want to feel happier and you want to start taking care of yourself a bit more but don’t know how or where to start then you are in the right place.

What do I mean by self care?

Taking care of your self is looking after your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  Sounds quite simple, but how frequently do you take positive action to take care of YOU?

Self care is not selfish
Self care is not self-indulgent


Self care is acknowledging your needs
TickSelf care is taking steps to bring your body back into balance and to counteract the negative effects that day to day stressors have on your physical and emotional health


An important part of self care is positive self-soothing which is embracing comfort, being kind and nurturing yourself.  I explore in more detail a bit later on the journey.

Don’t worry good self care isn’t just all about you, when you feel more fulfilled and satisfied, the things you do, feel and say will have a positive impact on others.

So why is self care so important?



Life today can be very stressful.  Ongoing negative stress is ultimately damaging to your physical and emotional wellbeing.  It can make you sick.

  • You may be juggling demands of work with family and struggling to find a balance to fit everyone and everything in
  • You may be a carer for your parents as well as your children
  • You may just be someone who is perpetually busy, always doing doing doing and never simply being, you’ve forgotten how to relax
  • You may think that you thrive under pressure but your body is signalling that it’s not happy?

Whatever it is that has brought you here … don’t panic, you are in the right place!


 Just Be Loved: 7 Days to Self Care

Self care is fundamental to your physical and emotional well-being so jump on board, I’m going to take you on a 7 day journey and your destination is Self Care.

Over 7 days you will:

•    discover what self care is for YOU
•    learn some easy strategies and tools to help you feel more balanced

Step 1:  Do the Just Be Loved: Self Care Quiz


So with every journey it’s always good to get an idea of how far you are going to travel.

You may already be taking a few steps to nurture yourself or you may be feeling totally frazzled, overworked and in demand 24-7 by your family and loved ones with very little if any time for yourself.

To begin your trip I’ve created a Just Be Loved: Self Care Quiz.  I want you to be able to measure your level of Self Care right now and then re-evaluate your journey at the end of the 7 days to see just how far you have traveled.

So start exploring and click on the heart to download the quiz. Just in case you were wondering it's 100% private, solely between you & yourself!


Tip: To just print the quiz pages and save on paper and ink then just print pages 4 & 5. 

Step 2: Sign-up to the 7 Days of Self Care journey

Each stop on the 7 Days of Self Care journey has been designed to help you improve your Self Care.  You will be sent an email each day, with tips, simple exercises and ideas that will make a difference to your self care.

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See you on the other side,

Best wishes,

Louisa x

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