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Making Time to Stop

Press PauseIs it time you pressed your pause button?

Earlier this year I asked my subscribers:

“What is your biggest challenge when it comes to relaxation and self-care?”

And can you guess what the most common answer was?

Yes it was all about TIME or the lack of it.

Not having enough time.

Finding the time

Making the time.

Being disciplined. The list goes on.

It sounds like hard work doesn’t it? With the lavender season upon us and lavender being one of the best oils to induce relaxation it’s an excellent time to share with you three simple strategies you can use to make time for YOU without taking too much time out of your day.


Close your eyes and focus on your breathing taking 3 deep breaths in and out and then just let your body breathe and check in.

  • How does your breath feel?
  • How does your breath sound?
  • Is your inhalation longer or shorter than your exhalation?
  • Take a few moments to check in with your body, your breathing and acknowledge how YOU are feeling.

It’s so easy to become distracted and detached from ourselves when our roles of employees, business owners, parents, friends, relatives take over.

Try and expand your breathing by counting in your mind from 1-4 as you inhale, pausing for a second or two and then exhaling seeing if you can count from 1-4.

Tip: Set the scene for your time to relax by using a space spray like Peace Room & Linen Mist.

Woman touching her faceFEEL

  • When did you last take a good look in the mirror at your face, your skin?
  • How often do you touch your face gently?
  • Are you always just quickly moisturising, maybe applying a bit of make up, and later quickly removing it if you have the time?
  • Set aside 5 minutes, just 5 minutes to apply some facial oil to your skin.
    Close your eyes and feel your hands running over your face.
    Use gentle upward strokes massaging around your jaw.
    Around your cheek bones.
    Around your eyes and around your temples.
  • Use slow movements, breathe and feel, really feel your skin underneath your fingertips. What do you notice?

Tip: I developed Calm Facial oil to be calming for sensitive skins but also to have a calming effect on the mind though the therapeutic properties of Carshalton Lavender pure essential oil.  Experiment with a facial oil that has a luxurious scent and wonderful texture and just get lost in your senses for five minutes.


An area that is very simple to massage ourselves is our hands.  Keep a pot of your favourite hand cream next to your bed.  Give yourself 5 minutes where you massage your hands with some cream before going to sleep.

  • Pay attention to your hands.
  • How do they feel?
  • How does the texture of the cream make you feel?
  • Tune into this moment and enjoy connecting with one part of your body.

Smooth the cream over the palms of your hands, work around a palm using your thumb in a circular motion and the backs of your hands and massage gently from the base of each finger to the tip.

Tip: The best time to apply hand cream is just before you go to bed so you won’t be washing your hands and instead you can allow it to sink in and moisturise while you sleep. 

Try my Soothe Carshalton Lavender Hand Cream for a soft and silky easily absorbed cream that will help you have pleasant dreams.

When it comes to making time for myself I always remember what my mother has always told me:

“Take care of yourself because no one else can.”

It’s so true! Only you can take care of you, only you know what is going on inside your body and your mind. Only you can choose to listen in. Choose to be kind to yourself and nourish your body and mind, inside and out, so that your cup is full to help others without draining yourself.

Best wishes,

Louisa x

P.S. Oh and a great place to press your pause button is at South London’s Only Pick Your Own Lavender Harvest.  It’s a wonderful peaceful day out for all the family. Full details here.

P. P.S. To see the full Carshalton Lavender range of products please click here

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