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In celebration of World Mental Health Day I've put together 3 gift sets that are ON SALE for a limited time only

VIP offer

Introducing the Me Time Gift Sets . . .

If you need a little help being kind to yourself or you are inspired to show someone you love some kindness then one of these Me Time Gift sets is ideal.

Each Me Time Gift Set contains four lovingly handmade products that have been created to help you find:

  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Tranquility 

It's not surprising if the ongoing negative news headlines have left you feeling anxious, depressed or stressed and all of this has a profound impact on your wellbeing and your sleep.

The upcoming changing of the clocks which bring darker days may make you feel even worse.

Don't despair help is here and the good news is you can pick the Me Time Gift set that perfectly meets your needs . . .


Every Me Time set includes ....

1. Sweet Orange Essential oil

Sweet Orange essential oil

Sweet orange oil is well known for it's ability to bring joy and positivity to your mood and environment. 

It has a wonderful uplifting sweet citrus scent.

It can be used in an oil burner or diffuser or just pop a drop or two on a tissue and inhale.

It has some excellent calming properties for the digestive system too if applied in a blend for a gentle DIY tummy massage

2. 100% organic Be Fresh lip balm

"Having used various brands I have always struggled to find a lip balm that actually works! This is non greasy, keeps my lips soft and the grapefruit adds to the pleasantness! Definitely worth the buy, it also lasted ages!! Thank you, I’ve finally found a product that does the job and all natural too! I love it!" Sharan

Made with organic uplifting grapefruit oil, it's perfect to put a smile on your face as well as protecting your lips as the weather becomes cooler.

3. One Aroma Pulse Point Roll on

Aroma Pulse Roll Ons

Aroma Pulse Roll Ons

These are ideal to carry around with you in your pocket or bag.  Just roll it onto your pulse point or take the lid off and inhale when you need to.

Choose from....

De-Stress Aroma pulse point roll on - contains Ylang Ylang, a lovely oil to stimulate your relaxation response.

I like to think of it as aromatherapy's rescue remedy, it's very good at dealing with panic or anxiety by encouraging deep breathing and slowing a fast heartbeat.

It is accompanied by uplifting Bergamot.

Relax Aroma pulse point roll on - contains calming lavender - choose for a moment of relaxation and to help you have a peaceful night's sleep.

Clear Aroma pulse point roll on - contains Peppermint - great for mental clarity and clearing foggy thinking and some supportive Carshalton lavender.  This is great for use in the morning or daytime to help you focus and concentrate.  This blend can be helpful in relieving sinus tension & congestion.


4. One Room & Linen Mist

Room & Linen Mists

Choose from:

  • Tranquility
  • Balance
  • Peace

To help you get a good nights' sleep I recommend Peace (Carshalton Lavender) or Tranquility (with woody Patchouli, Mandarin and Lavender).

To uplift your mood and bring some balance and happiness into your space - try Balance (with Neroli, Rose Geranium & Bergamot).

They are great for use during meditation / yoga / pilates or any other self care practise.

Or just spray them wherever you are and enjoy how the aromatherapy oil positively affect your mood.

Each Me Time Gift Set is worth £38

and arrives hand gift wrapped


So if you're....


- feeling stressed, anxious and frazzled from lack of sleep and supporting everyone else

- in need of help to lift your mood and bring some positivity into your life

- want to just be kind to yourself and have some handy tools to help you

- or you may know of someone who really needs some me time and kindness right now

one of the Me Time Gift sets can help!

Each set is worth £38 but for a limited time only they are on sale for £32

Offer expires 31 October 2023.

To claim this offer click the Add to Basket button below

Gift yourself some 'me time' to experience four wonderful products for the fantastic price of £32.

Or why not buy TWO, save £12 and delivery is included.

This offer is subject to stock availability.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on 020 8419 8143, text 07888 689881 or send me a message.

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