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Scents of Love: 8 Essential Oils for Valentine’s Day

By Louisa | 12 February 2024 |

Valentine’s Day: Scents of Love Ancient civilizations are well known for their use of fragrant essential oils to improve health and enhance beauty.  Essential oils are also known for their powerful aphrodisiac properties.  So, whether you have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day or you are having some quiet time just for yourself then consider aromatherapy…

2024: Make Your Life Easier – Reflection and Action

By Louisa | 28 December 2023 |

Let me help you make your life easier in 2024. I usually start my day at 6.30am but since solstice it’s been a bit of a struggle to emerge from my bed until the sun is up which has been nearer to 8am so all the emails that talk about New Year, New You, New…

My top two festive oils

By Louisa | 16 December 2023 |

Can you guess which are my top two festive oils? I’ll give you a clue… they happen to be infection beating and mood-lifting.  I think this is precisely what many of us need right now and so here’s what they are and how they work….. Essential oils are a powerful means of naturally enhancing your…

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