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90 Minutes of Bliss

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If you enjoy having facials and are in need of some deep relaxation then the 90 Minutes of Bliss is the perfect combination for you….


90 minutes of bliss

This pampering package combines two amazing treatments….  Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage followed by an organic facial equaling 90 minutes of bliss.


Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage

The Japanese recognise life energy, ‘Ki’, as the main force behind human existence.

Ki flows through the body via meridians and each meridian is connected with a specific organ and is responsible for many functions in our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

The Japanese believe that the balance of internal organs promotes harmony within us and this is healthy status is maintained when Ki flows freely throughout the body.

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage focuses on the manipulation of facial meridians and acupressure points to enable vital energy to be equally distributed to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing.

Tsuboki Japanese face massage includes the following:

  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Detailed face massage
  • Acupressure
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage is also known as a Natural Face Lift


Organic Facial

This Rejuvenating Organic Aromatherapy Facial includes the following:

Rejuvenate Facial Oil

    • Express cleanse & exfoliation
    • Facial Massage using Just Be Natural Rejuvenate or Calm facial oil. Both oils contain a blend of superior quality oils renowned for their skin rejuvenating properties
    • Clay Face Mask
    • Organic Facial Toner
    • Just Be Natural Nourish Face Cream

To book your 90 minutes of bliss call 020 8419 8143 to arrange your appointment or send me a message.

Personalised gift vouchers for 90 Minutes of Bliss are available here.

1 review for 90 Minutes of Bliss

  1. Karen Espley

    I had the 90 Minutes of Bliss treatment which included a neck and shoulder massage and facial. It literally was bliss! I didn’t think I was going to be able to stay still for that long with my usual racing mind, but I can honestly say that 90 minutes flew past. I was totally relaxed by the end of it and left on a cloud of calm.
    Fabulous massage and wonderful facial – highly recommended.

    • Louisa

      Thank you so much Karen, very happy that you enjoyed it. It is a good one to help still a busy mind! 🙂

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