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Natural Manicure & Personalised Nail Oil


Love having your nails and hands pampered but don’t like all the chemicals that are in nail varnishes?

The natural manicure is the perfect manicure for you and you get to take away a personalised nail oil blend.


  • Step 1 Hand & Nail analysis
  • Step 2 Nail shaping
  • Step 3 Nail soaking (pending nail analysis)
  • Step 4 Cuticle Work
  • Step 4 Nail buffing
  • Step 5 Hand & nail massage using tailor made oil treatment
  • Step 6 Moisturise with Soothe or Revive Hand cream
  • Take away your free personalised nail oil treatment to lengthen the results of your natural manicure.
  • Please allow 45 minutes for this treatment.

Please be aware that the natural manicure does not include varnishing.  It’s aim is to nourish and feed your nails, leaving them with a beautifully natural shine. No pre-blended oils are used – every organic oil is picked for your hands and nails.

Remember at Just Be Natural everything is tailored for YOUR needs.

Call 020 8419 8143 to book your appointment or send me a message.

*Gift vouchers are available*


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