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P. S. In the meantime you may wish to read a blog post and give yourself a dose of wellbeing.....

Have the BEST holiday – 5 Oils to Help

By Louisa | 18 May 2022 |

Hooray!  There is a buzz in the air…finally the holiday season is upon us. It’s time to live a little once again and holidays are being booked. The break that you’ve worked so hard for all year round can pass too quickly. I want to share with you some easy strategies to help you make…

Oils for Instant Calm

By Louisa | 7 April 2022 |

April is Stress Awareness Month and with everything that is going on in the world, in the news, aside from daily personal stressors and struggles it could all easily become a bit too much. Please don’t despair and let aromatherapy help you pause and find a moment of relaxation. Good News In my last blog,…

Essential oils and smell training

By Louisa | 31 March 2022 |

Smell training and how essential oils can help Loss of sense of smell has been apparent for many who have fallen victim to covid but as Dr Claire Hopkins, President of the British Rhinological Society and ENT Consultant explained in an interview on Sky News, post viral smell loss has been around for many years.…

Self Care Rituals: The Ultimate Home Spa

By Louisa | 8 February 2022 |

With a new year upon us, Spring on it’s way and Valentine’s Day almost here it got me thinking about how now is the perfect time to start practising a bit more self care. Just in case your New Year good intentions have already fallen by the wayside or perhaps you are struggling to make…

Top 3 Mood Boosters

By Louisa | 5 January 2022 |

Top 3 Mood Boosters Welcome to my first blog of 2022.  It’s gloriously sunny as I type this but we’ve certainly had our fair share of wet and grey days recently. Dark and wet winter days on top of the ongoing uncertainty in the news may leave you feeling miserable, a little low or just…

10 minute miracles – look and feel radiant!

By Louisa | 8 December 2021 |

Look & Feel Radiant: 10 minute miracles How are YOU doing?  Recently there has been a vibe of busy-ness everywhere … the roads are full, shops and supermarkets have aisles piled high ready for the Christmas rush.  With so many people in a hurry it can be easy to get pulled along in the lead…

My top two festive oils for 2021

By Louisa | 1 December 2021 |

Can you guess which are my top two festive oils for 2021? I’ll give you a clue… they happen to be infection beating and mood-lifting.  I think this is precisely what many of us need right now and so here’s what they are and how they work….. Essential oils are a powerful means of naturally…

5 Ways to Combat Dry Skin

By Louisa | 29 October 2021 |

5 Easy Ways to Combat Dry Skin Dehydrated and dry skin lacks elasticity and looks dull and sallow.  It can be a real problem this time of the year. Just like fish, our skin cells need water.  Water makes up about 20% of our skin and good hydration is crucial to healthy functioning skin.  Healthy…

September Skin Saviours

By Louisa | 14 September 2021 |

5 September Skin Saviours With the arrival of Autumn now is the time to take extra care of your skin as we transition into cooler temperatures.  By giving your skin the correct support you’ll avoid conditions like dry flaky skin or breakouts that can be caused or exacerbated by environmental changes. #1 Tune into your…

Aromatherapy & Insect Bites

By Louisa | 22 July 2021 |

Aromatherapy and Insect Bites Summer is well and truly here!  This time of the year when you may find yourself getting outside more, enjoying the warmer weather, having picnics and barbeques. It’s no wonder that getting bitten by an insect is almost unavoidable. But don’t worry because there are two essential oils that are excellent…

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