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Aromatherapy & Insect Bites

By Louisa | 22 July 2021 |

Aromatherapy and Insect Bites Summer is well and truly here!  This time of the year when you may find yourself getting outside more, enjoying the warmer weather, having picnics and barbeques. It’s no wonder that getting bitten by an insect is almost unavoidable. But don’t worry because there are two essential oils that are excellent…

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet

By Louisa | 2 June 2021 |

7 Simple Steps to Beautiful Feet Summer is finally here and it’s about time too! Goodbye boots and wellies and hello sandals and flip flops…hooray! So, are your feet ready, are they looking soft, smooth and nourished?  Or are they dry, cracked and in need of some extra care? Help is here, just follow these…

Relaxation: What is it? Are you getting enough?

By Louisa | 5 May 2021 |

Relaxation – what does it mean to you? Since re-opening my therapy room I’ve had quite a few new clients suffering from severe stress and anxiety as a consequence of the last 15 months. It is not surprising when our stress response has been triggered on a daily basis, through the media, the poster signs,…

Relaxation Response: 4 Powerful Triggers

By Louisa | 31 March 2021 |

Relaxation Response – 4 powerful triggers I think it’s fair to say that many of us have experienced more stress over the past 12 months than possibly ever before. Although things are starting to look up there is still a lot of fear and uncertainty around. We are in a time of transition and naturally…

4 Self Care Ideas for Spring Plus D-I-Y Exfoliation Recipes

By Louisa | 11 March 2021 |

Do you need some self care ideas for Spring?  Spring is almost here and there is hope on the horizon for a return to normality and safe socialising.  Now has never been a better time to get yourself ready to re-emerge.  Spring is often associated with renewal, re-birth, cleansing and rejuvenation. I love this time…

5 Steps to Feel Good

By Louisa | 12 February 2021 |

Feel good with these five steps… I think we are all struggling a little bit at the moment.  With the current restrictions continuing I have had many conversations with friends and customers who are feeling “fed up”. Yes it’s quite a natural response, however remaining in this state is not good for your health or…

My No.1 Festive Essential Oil

By Louisa | 8 December 2020 |

Essential oils are a powerful means of naturally enhancing your mood and with Christmas not too far away you might be thinking about ways you can create a warm and festive atmosphere for your guests and loved ones. When you breathe in a scent it has a direct impact on your limbic system – the…

Banish Dry Skin this Autumn

By Louisa | 27 October 2020 |

Banish Dry Skin this Autumn Autumn is officially here, the clocks have gone back and temperatures are gradually decreasing.  Now is the perfect time to offer you some valuable tips to help you have soft, hydrated and smooth skin throughout Autumn and Winter.  If you dread these seasons because they play havoc with your skin…

How to Use Aromatherapy Oils to Support your Digestive Health

By Louisa | 30 September 2020 |

In September I’m excited to have written a guest blog for Jane Barrett of Nurturing Nutrition and it’s all about how to use aromatherapy oils to support your digestive health. Practical advice and guidance on blending and self massage. Read the full blog here.

Lavender Care: for you and the plant

By Louisa | 6 July 2020 |

Lavender Care This month I’m excited to have written a guest blog for Inge Berrie of Berrie Garden Design that’s all about lavender care.  How to care for this wonderful plant and how can lavender care for you. Read the blog here. If you would like to learn more about natural skincare containing locally grown…

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