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Is your skin feeling a little dehydrated? Does your immune system need a bit of a boost? Are you in general need of a bit of TLC?

If you have answered YES to any or all of the above I am pleased to say that I can help you. I've put together a very special package of products that will help to nourish and hydrate your skin, give your mind and immunity a boost as well as helping you keep focused on detoxing which is popular at this time of the year.
Winter Self Care

So what's in the package?

  • Double award winning 100% organic Be Natural Lip Balm.  Perfect to rescue sore and chapped lips OR to prevent them from becoming dry.  Ideal to apply to noses too if you do catch a cold to prevent redness and soreness from blowing.


Be Natural Lip Balm

Be Natural 100% Organic Lip Balm


  • Rejuvenate Facial Oil with balancing Rose Geranium and rejuvenating Frankincense.  Ideal to use at night to nourish, hydrate and help cell renewal an repair whilst you sleep.

    Rejuvenate Facial Oil *Bestseller*


  • Tranquility Room & Linen Mist ideal to help you create a calm and tranquil atmosphere - perhaps before stretching or practices like Meditation, Yoga or Pilates

Tranquility Room & Linen Mist

  • Clear Aroma Pulse Point Roll On to clear your mind and sinuses with stimulating Peppermint.  This oil combined with a little lavender is perfect for a morning wake up call or to use in before or during Zoom meetings to regain focus.

    Clear Aroma Roll On

    Clear Aroma Pulse Point Roll On


  • Immune Boost Set
    This set contains 3 x 10ml organic essential oils well known for their immune boosting and anti-bacterial properties - Lemon, Rosemary & Tea Tree. Lemon essential oil is a natural mood uplifter and is excellent to help you focus.  Use these in diffusers or oils burners or make a massage blend with Jojoba oil as a carrier oil. Rosemary oil not suitable during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure.

    Immune Boost Set

    Immune Boost Set


  • Organic Jojoba Oil
    A wonderful versatile oil with multiple uses.  It is excellent for sensitive skin and has an affinity with our skin as it is so similar to our own sebum.  Use it to as an unscented body oil for hydration and massage. Use as a natural make up remover. Use as a carrier oil to blend essential oils in apply to the skin.

Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil

All of the Just Be Natural products excluding the essential oils and of course the Jojoba oil are handmade in Surrey using the finest organic ingredients.

Be Natural Lip Balm

"Best I’ve ever used. Lips smooth for the first time in months. Will be sticking with this one!" Adrienne Dines

Rejuvenate Facial Oil

This is the first product I tried. Not oily at all as it is totally absorbed by my skin. A small amount is all that is needed. Smells lovely I expect due to the natural ingredients. The best thing about these products is they are made by Louisa in small batches so are fresh and control over the quality is superb. I highly recommend this range. Sandra Gates

Tranquility Room & Linen Mist

"Love JBN room sprays! Always have a bottle to hand" Paulette

Clear Aroma Pulse Point Roll On

"I had been feeling tired and although I was drinking a good amount, getting headaches. This roll on has helped and just smells lovely." Kate Giles

Organic Jojoba Oil

"This is perfect if you have a sensitivity. I’m avoiding Limonene (practically impossible!) and this this saved the day. It sinks in quickly and leaves skin nourished and smooth. Love it. Thanks!" Adrienne Dines

So if you ....

- are looking for some products to nourish and hydrate your skin

- want to create a immune-boosting and positive atmosphere

- or are just in needs of some winter self care and TLC

it sounds like this package is the one for you.


The total value of the Winter Self Care package is £83 but for a limited time only I'm offering just 20 of these sets for £77.

To claim this offer just click the Add to Basket button below

Delivery to UK mainland is included.

All product links in green & images are clickable for more information.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me on 020 8419 8143, text 07888 689881 or send me a message.


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