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Aromatherapy for Instant Calm

In celebration of Stress Awareness Month and with our current circumstances I thought you may need some aromatherapy for instant calm. Here are 3 amazing essential oils to switch on your inner calm. Remember it’s always there, sometimes you just need to find the best way to turn it on.   Frankincense A beautiful oil…

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Take Care

My guide to taking care of yourself by creating the ultimate home spa   A very important lesson in life is to take care of yourself but sometimes it’s too easy to take care of everyone else first and have no time left for you.  Sound familiar?  Remember on a plane you are told to…

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Autumn Self Care

Slow Down and Breathe Do you find today’s pace of life extremely fast?  Everyone is always plugged in, switched on, irritated by the slightest buffering or slow internet speed. Nothing can be done fast enough and there is always so much more to do… does this sound familiar?  We are hearing about the rise in…

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Did you know it’s International Stress Awareness Day? Now is an excellent time to share with you my top 3 oils to help you relax and de-stress. Fight or Flight – why long term stress is so bad? You may have heard of the fight or flight response.  It’s your basic primitive response when under…

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