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Rescue sun-stressed skin

Rescue Sun-Stressed Skin How is your skin responding to the mini heatwave? With the UK’s track record for unpredictable summer weather its understandable that so many people have wanted soak up some rays at every opportunity.  It’s no wonder that some people are getting sunburnt with more of us spending time in our gardens and…

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Press Pause

Is it time you pressed your pause button? Earlier this year I asked my subscribers: “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to relaxation and self-care?” And can you guess what the most common answer was? Yes it was all about TIME or the lack of it. Not having enough time. Finding the time…

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With the current heatwave I thought you’d appreciate these 12 amazing tips to help you and your family stay cool naturally … #1 Immerse your hands in cold water.  Fill a sink with cold water. Immerse your hands up to your wrists in it until you start to feel cooler.  The large vein in your…

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The holiday season is upon us. For many the break that you’ve worked so hard for all year round can pass too quickly.  I want to share with you some easy strategies to help you make the most of your holiday time and yes, of course, there are some amazing essential oils that can help…

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Appreciate the end of summer

I hear so many people saying “how time flies” and “I can’t believe it’s the middle of August already” so I thought right NOW is the perfect time to remind you of why it’s so important to be present and appreciate the end of summer.   It’s your time to dose up on your Vitamin…

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The sea

With holiday season nearly upon us, it’s time to take a much needed break from the mayhem of looking after children and loved ones, work and social stresses. Your summer holidays should be as much about your relaxation as they are about savouring precious family time and building new memories. Using lavender oil is an…

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10 Ways to Stay Cool

Wow are you feeling the heat?  It’s been HOT HOT HOT recently so I thought there was no better time than to re-publish a much loved blog that gives you 11 simple ways to help you and your family stay cool naturally …..   #1 Immerse your hands in cold water Fill a sink with cold…

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